Sunday Night Poetry

This has been a rough year, says Andrea Gibson, and it has been. I’ve been thinking about all of those who’ve been angels for me this year, who’ve dropped me lines to see how I’ve been, who’ve reached out to me when I just wanted to curl in on myself. Thank you for the starlight of your presence. 

Nasty Boy, Don’t Ever Change

This election season has been weird, right? So weird, in fact, that Weird Al took it on, below.

You Never Can Tell

*Skids in at almost the last moment*

From Saint Louis, Missouri to somewhere way out there past Pluto on the Voyager Golden Record, Happy 90th, Mr.Berry.🙂

Sunday Morning Nobel Prize Winning Poetry

So Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, a choice that is, shall we say, controversial. I love Dylan, personally, so as far as I was concerned it was only a matter of time till he scored this accolade, too. One of my favorite songs is “Love Is Just A Four Letter Word,” performed here by Joan Baez (watch out for her killer Dylan impression). Have a great Sunday!

One More

Fandoms collide every once in awhile, you know? Last November, around the time I was diagnosed with depression, I found solace in Supernatural. Specifically, I found solace in binging all of what was then ten seasons in a matter of weeks, then downloading The CW app and catching up with the first half of Season Eleven. Season Twelve debuts this Thursday. 

The events in the fan vid below take place in Season Five. I originally watched it because Gabriel is by far my favorite character, but the music’s being familiar was a bonus. 

Still Testing

Have some Buffy.

And a little more, if I did this correctly.


If I did this correctly, you should see one of my favorite fan vids below.

Watch “The Beatles – Across The Universe (Take 8, Stereo Mix, wildlife sounds)” on YouTube

It Is Here

Whatever it was I lost, whatever I wept for
Was a wild, gentle thing, the small dark eyes
Loving me in secret.
It is here. At a touch of my hand,
The air fills with delicate creatures
From the other world.

From “Milkweed” by James Arlington Wright. You can find the rest of it and more of his poetry here.

Where I’ve Been

*Taps microphone and clears throat. Taps mic again and is overwhelmed by feedback.*

Uh…can you tell I’m stalling here? Because I’m totally stalling.

So, like…hey. It’s been a few…more than a few…months since I’ve done this so bear with me. I’ve wanted to post and sat down to write several times but could never bring myself to hit the publish button. It’s definitely not you guys, it’s me.

I was diagnosed with depression in November and got some great meds and I feel much better, The End.

Okay, not the end exactly. Eventually I might write about The Darkness That Ate My Brain but first I need to figure out how. The blog might not be as sunny a place as it normally is for a bit but there’ll be warm spots. Stick around, the clouds will be gone eventually, sooner if I figure out where I left my sense of humor. Can I borrow yours? Tell me a joke in the comments (yes, really, remember who you’re talking to here).

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