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Not even any spies this time. Just felt like spinning some Talking Heads. Have a great night.





Public Service Announcement for US Readers: Speak Up

This week is Banned Books Week in the US and I was planning a post that’s going to wait for another day now. The freedom to speak your mind is vital and one of the most important ways we speak is by voting. Today is National Voter’s Registration Day, which you can find out about here. You can register online BUT always double check it with your local Voting Registration Office. You can find the deadline for the state where you live at .

I’m spinning some Wisconsin Solidarity Singers today because I love them. They started singing on March 11, 2011 (and started being arrested two years later; if you feel moved, you can find their defense fund here) and they’re still going, every weekday from noon till 1PM in the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. Have a great day and don’t forget to raise your voice!




Happy Happy Happiness

#OneBeardToBringThemAll happened on Saturday and good gravy, Mabel, what brilliant lunacy! I’m a huge fan of moments like that, moments when silliness just kind of lights up your head and takes over and moves on its own. Well done, everyone who took part! Even StickFigureRichard Tweeted and I’m always thrilled to see him and his creator, Nat from The Richard Armitage Fan Blog.

My two favorite Tweets involved The Dude’s response to all of the silliness, and with a comic strip because he needed to charm me personally a little more. If you haven’t seen it, he tweeted this.


Yesterday, Doug Savage, the creator of Savage Chickens, responded excitedly that he’d “been tweeted by Thorin Oakenshield!” You can tell he was reeeeeallllllly excited because, look, he used an exclamation point while being Canadian. I mean, if that was me or any other American it would take about ten exclamation points to convey that kind of sincerity. Note to Canada: kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So all of this reminds me of Lenny Kravtiz. How, you ask? Because of this vid, which I love and is one of my favorites of anyone ever and is so in the spirit of Satruday’s silliness. I’ve spun it before and I’ve watched it about six times since starting this post. You all have a great Monday!



Judiang Went To London And All We Got Was Goofiness

The lovely, lovely Judiang recently crossed The Pond to see one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed plays of 2014, The Crucible. Starring … well, you know who. Anyway … while there, she did something wonderful for both Jazzy from FunkyBlueDandelion and Zan from Well, There You Go. And, being who we are, we’d like to thank her. In our own inimitable way.

Zan: Okay, I came up with something that is…not quite what you suggested.

Jazzy: We’re not doing a limerick?

Zan: No, no limerick. Judiang is classy, she deserves better than a limerick.

Jazzy: But I looked up rhymes and everything! It took me minutes!

Zan: No. Limerick. Instead, I’ve rewritten “London Bridge Is Falling Down” and I thought we could sing it to her.

Jazzy: You’re kidding.

Zan: Look, to be honest, the idea of you writing a limerick kind of scares me.

Jazzy (sighs): Fine. London Bridge. What do you have so far?

Zan (clears throat): Judiang went to LondonTown, LondonTown, LondonTown, Judiang went to LondonTown, my fair Judi.

Jazzy: *crickets*

Zan (looks expectantly): Well?

Jazzy: Uh, second verse, same as the first?

Zan: Ahem, second verse, NOT the same as the first…The Crucible play she did see, she did see, she did see, The Crucible play seen one times three.

Jazzy: I still think a limerick is more in keeping with the occasion, like this: A chick named Judiang went to London…

Zan (clears throat loudly): Judi saw the bearded one, unshaven one, hotness one…

Jazzy: And found herself in a conundrum…

Zan (braces herself): Fine. Go on.

Jazzy: She says she’s not a fan, but got an autographed program for Jazzy and a poster for Zan, and now Mr. A thinks knows she is one.

Zan (blinks): That…wasn’t obscene at all.

Jazzy: I told you. Have a little faith, dude. What were you afraid of, anyway?

Zan (blushes): Um, well, the only rhyme I could come up with was…well (whispers in Jazzy’s ear)

Jazzy: And you were afraid *I’d* come up with a dirty limerick? I’m shocked.

Zan (incredulous): I shocked you?

Jazzy: Not really.

Zan: Darn!

We love you, Judiang! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!


Zan and Jazzbaby1

All A-Twitter

There’s been some discussion on Twitter recently about this picture from the set of Spooks: The Greater Good (I don’t know who first Tweeted it but today’s discussion included Violet, Perry and Frenz).


Specifically the discussion has been about who that might be in the background there doing some modifications to a cell phone. The Dude said he was doing a cameo that would be widely talked about, and if that is indeed an undead NotLucas North sitting there the talking I’ll be doing will be mostly of the non-verbal eye rolling variety. If I get verbal at all it’s likely to be sweary.

I love NotLucas as much as the next fan, but if that’s him then my suspension of disbelief is going to be stretched to Pluto. NotLucas was a lot of things: broken, smart, determined, fan service, close personal friend of most of London’s female population. What he wasn’t, though, was Sherlock Holmes. There is no way he took a dive from a building that tall and survived.

In order for me to believe that he survived one of two things has to be true, and neither of them are really good options. Either Harry Pearce let the guy who killed RealLucas North among others in a bombing, lied to him personally for close to a decade and tried to kill Ruth go for some inexplicable reason (and wouldn’t that have come up in his disciplinary hearing?), or the lab at MI-5 — who should have confirmed that it was indeed NotLucas and that he was indeed dead — is run by Pinky and the Brain. Actually, that might explain a couple of things.

So is that The Dude? Look closely (it’s a tough job, I know, but someone has to do it). What do you think?


Partying With Poets

One of the things I love most about slam poetry is that I get the pop culture references. Shane Hawley’s use of Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner as a metaphor for addiction? As brilliant in execution as it seems goofy in concept. I always laugh a little bit when a particular line dance comes up as it did when Anis Mojgani delivered this reading of “Direct Orders.”

This morning I found this piece of loveliness which also mentions that dance in passing, “A Case for the Late Night Joy Junkies,” performed by Thuli Zuma as part of Taylor Mali’s Page Meets Stage series.

Goosebumpily gorgeous, right? What’s giving you goosebumps these days? You’re welcome to leave a link in the comments. Have a great Wednesday!


Spinning One For My Sidewinder: Obscura Shakes It Up

Long about February or Marchish 2013 I took a long break from blogging and from the fandom in general. There had been yet another stoopid drama that just got to me and what was supposed to be a break of a few weeks so I could handle something in Real Life was extended. At one point I considered it permanent. I missed a lot of stuff, a bunch of new blogs came along, circle of life, yadda yadda yadda. Obscura fired up the fabulous Ancient Armitage around that time and while I commented every once in a while it was mostly just me being a smart ass and her snickering. Then she emailed me.

I’d done SpReAd The Love challenges a few times, for Valentine’s Day, then again in August, and then again in the winter.  Obscura had been a frequent contributor to the first August challenge and when there was nothing the following year she wanted to know what was up. I’m so glad she asked because you know what? I could not have asked for a better, more together partner to do this with. She thinks big, she dreams big, she loves big. She’s the entire reason there’s been a SpReAd The Love this year. Along the way as we got to know each other we discovered that we have a lot more common interests than Armitage and one of those is Eddie Vedder so this spin is for her. Thanks, Obscura, for shaking it up.




#SorryNotSorry: Jeanne Phillips And The Lost Art Of Apologizing

For context: on August 10 a letter from a 24-year-old handled “Offended Daughter” appeared in “Dear Abby,” the advice column currently authored by Jeanne Phillips. It did not go over well and thousands responded. Today, Jeanne Phillips apologized…sort of.

Dear Jeanne,

Just so we’re clear, Merriam-Webster lists three definitions of the noun apology. Number one in their list is “a defense or excuse”; number two is “an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret”; number three is “a poor substitute.” Number two is the definition most of us mean when we use the word and I think that’s what you thought you meant in your response to criticism in today’s column. A true apology in that sense of the word involves two words, either “I’m sorry” or “I apologize.” Both of those are complete sentences and need no qualifiers if they’re true. When you start saying things like “I’m sorry, but…” or “I’m sorry if I offended you” then you have ceased apologizing in the sense of expressing regret and started apologizing in the sense of defending or excusing yourself.

You once said of yourself, “If I have any talent, it’s getting to the root of the problem quickly.” This is particularly interesting to me in this case because you not only didn’t get to the root, you missed it entirely. I’m not a therapist any more than you are but I speak fluent Dysfunctional Family. The problem that Offended Daughter brought to you wasn’t her weight, it was that her mother lied about her weight making “other people” uncomfortable. The other people in this instance is HER MOTHER, Jeanne. Offended Daughter has every right to be offended about that, about the fact that her mother can’t own her own issue and deal with her daughter’s clothing choices and instead chooses to foist it on “other people,” using them to try to manipulate her daughter’s behavior. She not only lied to her daughter about what “other people” thought, she tried to act as a gatekeeper between her adult child and other members of their family, her aunts and cousins. Functional people don’t do that. Functional people allow adults to establish and maintain their own relationships and they don’t use those relationships to further their own ends.

The problem that she actually brought to you is a big one but did you acknowledge it? No. She came to you looking for a way to defend herself against her mother’s totally unreasonable, dishonest nonsense and did you recognize that? No. Not only no, but you DID THE EXACT SAME THING to her that her mother did. Her mother appealed to the sensibilities of “other people” and so did you. You gave it the veneer of concern by making it her doctor, but in the end you lobbed this grenade at her: “I suspect that your mother would be prouder of you if you were less complacent and more willing to do something about your weight problem.” To review, Offended Daughter’s “weight problem” is only a problem for her mother. She’s already proud of who she is. Further, you have no freaking clue that she’s “complacent” about her health. She could run marathons for all you know, she could be in excellent health, but her perception of herself — which *I* suspect is hard-won given her mother’s manipulation — doesn’t matter in your view. Her mother’s pride is all that matters here. Do you seriously not see how warped that reasoning is?

So today you printed a letter from Linda in Columbus, Ohio who pointed out, among other things, that you’re not a physician and you have no access to Offended Daughter’s medical records so you really don’t have any idea of the state of her health. This is the part where you said, “If anyone was hurt by my reply, I truly apologize.” Except here’s the thing: the qualification there? The “if”? That already makes your apology untrue. There is a world of difference between saying, “I’m sorry that I hurt you,” and saying, “I’m sorry if I hurt you.” In the first you’re owning that your behavior was hurtful. In the second you’re not owning anything unless the other person acknowledges their hurt or humiliation first, adding insult to injury. In a moment of unbelievably breathtaking cluelessness you talk about how you called Offended Daughter after you printed her original letter and, by golly, she wasn’t offended at all. Right. Like she’d tell you if she was, Jeanne. She handed you a thorny problem, you proceeded to beat her with it in front of 110 million people out of “concern,” why the hell would she hand that stick back to you a second time?

You finished your ridiculous justification today by saying, “As to my comment about her mother, I strongly suspect what I said is true, and I’ll stand by it until I hear from the woman telling me differently.” This is the one thing you said in your entire apologia that rings true. I have no doubt that her mother would be prouder of her if she was a totally different person than who she is right now. That you seem to think this is a good thing, that you’re tacitly approving of a mother who would try to drive a wedge between her daughter and other family members who do accept her as she is right now, is really disturbing. I realize that you would prefer to gloss over that teensy issue, but the fact that you didn’t get what the problem was to begin with, let alone answer the question, makes me glad I stopped reading you or taking you seriously years ago. Sorry.


TC+1 – Please Answer My Poll

Guylty Pleasure

Day 1 of the new era. After checking last night’s SD outfit and replying to all blog comments I was at a serious loose end.

Yeah, when I am posting sweet nothings on Twitter it is really serious…

To distract myself from the heartache (…), I started researching button badge makers. And then I started designing buttons. Because we really need some discreet way of recognising each other in the future. Really, all this clandestine walking past each other while being sure that we have spotted a fellow sufferer of Armitagitis… Silly. I mean, *I* have a brilliant bag with Robert Hermitage’s face plastered all over it, so *you* might spot me. But how can *I* spot you? Save the silly beard idea (really, Richard, that’s a no-go. I don’t even like a beard on you, never mind…

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A Blessing For John Proctor

The Crucible finishes it’s amazing run tonight and I’m thrilled for all of you who have tickets to the final performance and each of you who’s seen it along the way. If you’re new to me as a blogger, I occasionally do speculative playlists for Richard Armitage’s characters. I haven’t done one for John Proctor because I normally free-associate these things and there just wasn’t anything coming to me. Then a few days ago I heard this version of one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, “Dignity.” It’s stripped down, just his voice and a piano, but nobody says it quite like him. Congratulations to Yael Farber and the entire cast and crew.


On a personal note, I’ll be away from my computer for most of the day. If you’re commenting for the first time, it’ll get hung up in moderation and I’ll get to it, just not right away.

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