J.K. Rowling to Reveal NEW Harry Potter Story on Halloween

Squeeeee! I’m not sure who’s more excited by this, me or the kids, but thanks so much, J.K. Rowling! And thanks Marlise Boland for the heads up on The Anglophile Channel!

The Anglophile Channel

What’s better than Trick or Treating on Halloween night? Having a NEW Harry Potter tale to read while enjoying all your candy swag!  J.K. Rowling announced a “special Halloween treat for Harry Potter fans” on her Pottermore website that she has penned a new 1,500-word story that will offer “revealing first-person” thoughts about the evil, pink-wearing Hogwarts professor Dolores Umbridge.

New  'backstory' on Dolores Umbridge played by New ‘backstory’ on Dolores Umbridge played by Imelda Staunton

JK has been delighting Potter fans as of late with stories released online this past July as well. That story featured Harry, Ron and Hermione as adults attending the Quidditch World Cup! I love that Harry Potter need never die and go away thanks to JK’s continued gifts to the fan base.

In the Halloween release Rowling will focus on the the Ministry of Magic Undersecretary. Umbridge is the one that tortured Harry by making him write “I must not tell lies”…

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