The Kiwis Belong With the Company.

This is outrageous. What a slap in the face. Shame on you, Warner Brothers. Comments at Perry’s.

Armitage Agonistes

We all recall when, in DOS, Thorin Oakenshield told his nephew Fili, who was getting ready to separate, that he belonged with “the company”- the company of dwarves, of course.

Now it turns out, as reported by actor John Callen and The One Ring, that Warner Brothers will not foot the bill to bring the 6 Kiwi actors to the London premiere on December 1.

Incredibly, Warner Brothers cites ” budget concerns,” as their reason for this serious, shameful and disappointing decision. Just how much trouble is Warner Brothers in?

Probably, not much.  Didn’t Warner Brothers just foot the bill to send 150 fans  from all over the world, to New Zealand for a  several day BOTFA experience? And they don’t have the funds to send send six men to London?

Personally, I think this is shameful, and disrespectful, not only to the actors themselves, who have all worked…

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  1. Perry
    Oct 31, 2014 @ 10:53:31

    Thanks for the reblog. This is insane.

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