When Fatphobia Follows Us to the Grave

I wanted to say something about this but Dances With Fat does it better than I ever could. Bravo.

Dances With Fat

Angry FrustratedColleen McCullough created the department of neurophysiology at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital, she served as head of the department for five years.  She worked at the Hospital for Sick Children in Great Ormond Street. She taught neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and neurological electronics at Yale. She wrote the best selling novels Tim and The Thorn Birds and 23 other books including cookbooks, a biography, romance, family history, crime and seven-book Roman series.  She was awarded the Scanno Prize for literature and several of her books have been made into films.

These are all things that you would have learned from her obituary in The Australian, but you wouldn’t have read them until after you read this:

COLLEEN McCullough, Australia’s best selling author, was a charmer. Plain of feature, and certainly overweight, she was, nevertheless, a woman of wit and warmth. In one interview, she said: “I’ve never been into…

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Another Onion Article?

JHolland sums it up with a snicker. 😉


A Fandom Divided: Oglers Unite as Theatre Purists Decry Images of Bare-Chested Actor

The notoriously drama-filled fandom revolving around The Hobbit star Richard Armitage has found another bone of contention to pick among themselves, sources say. Pursuant to the decision to film the British actor’s recent performance as John Proctor, the tortured protagonist in Yael Farber’s critically acclaimed production of American playwright Arthur Miller’s The Crucible (staged at the Old Vic Theatre in London, 2014), many believed that the fandom, loosely known as The Armitage Army, having united its factions with unparalleled success in its efforts to obtain a DVD or other recording of the vaunted Armitage performance, would continue to present a unified image to the world. However, it would seem that The Armitage Army continues to nurse grievances among themselves that periodically explode across social media.

The latest quarrel amongst the ranks appears to revolve around the mysterious release of several…

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An Embarrassment of Riches

I’m not sure where they came from but screen caps from the Digital Theatre production of The Crucible hit the fandom sometime over the weekend (no, I generally don’t pay attention, why do you ask?) followed shortly by a predictable dust-up about them. A fan page that posted them to Twitter had to explain themselves on Facebook yesterday because, gasp, the screen caps were of a half nekkid Richard Armitage and didn’t they know that was “objectification” and “disrespectful”?

Uh…come again?

You do realize that he took his shirt off approximately 101 times during the run of The Crucible, right? And you further realize that HE’S AWARE he took his shirt off approximately 101 times during the run of The Crucible, right? And you further realize that HE WAS AWARE that he was being filmed, right? He was also aware that he was baring his assets during Spooks, Strike Back, and Between the Sheets, AND I’ll bet it didn’t get past him that he was wearing a Speedo in Cold Feet. He’s smart like that, you know.

Richard Armitage is an adult and as an adult he gets to draw boundaries around what he does and doesn’t do professionally. In the past, this has included roles where he drops trou. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt — the respect, if you will — that if he’s willing to do these roles that on-screen or on-stage nudity doesn’t bother him as much as it does some of us.

Over the summer I got a note from someone I didn’t know who was really upset that Armitage was being “treated like a piece of meat” in a particular Facebook group (not the same one as the one above). Aside from the fact that Armitage wasn’t actually being treated in any way at all because he wasn’t there, this is one of those statements that always makes me roll my eyes because it’s my opinion that it’s just as easy to make a fetish object out of John Thornton as it is Lee Preston. I don’t think that a romantic fantasy is any more moral in itself than a sexual one, it’s still just a thought in your head and still a projection of who you are, not who he is. That specific incident had to do with a screen cap of NotLucas North’s bare butt while he was getting changed in Spooks Season 8 Episode 4 and my defense of the person who posted it. I have this admittedly silly notion that if he’s done a piece of work we should be able to talk about it. My correspondent wrote, “This is a public Facebook page and should be given at least the respect of a PG 13 rating[.]” If she’d have stopped there I’d have totally agreed with her because it was indeed an open Facebook group, there are restrictions on what can be posted to those and part of the contention had to do with the fact that the Administrator of the page at that time wasn’t answering inquiries about what was acceptable and what wasn’t. It was still up to the Administrator and Facebook’s Terms of Service, though, and not my correspondent, or me, or the person who posted the screen cap to begin with. However, then she wrote that “…if it would not be shown on public TV, then it should not be shown in other public places where people like myself could be offended.”

Again, uh…come again?

First of all, it was indeed made by and shown on public television. The BBC is not a shady soft porn cable station. For the record, Spooks was also shown on PBS in the US, again, not a shady soft porn cable station. And how, exactly, are the rest of us supposed to be able to predict what may offend someone else? For example, Richard Armitage had no idea that he’d trigger a really negative response in me when he mimicked hanging himself with his tie during the press tour for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. It’s not his responsibility to know my triggers and I made it really clear that it wasn’t the responsibility of the fandom to accommodate me, either. It was MY responsibility to remove myself from places that made me uncomfortable. I had my say on blog because that’s my space. Similarly, it’s YOUR responsibility to remove yourself from places that make you uncomfortable, rather than trying to force the entire fandom to adhere to your sensibilities. If you want to create a space where your morality reigns supreme, knock yourself out, but for the love of Mike can you maybe accept just this once that other people in this fandom are not like you?

We don’t all see the same interactions the same way because we filter them through our own experiences. My filter as a 46-year-old woman is slightly different than it was when I was a 20-year-old. During an interview on the first Hobbit press tour, George Stroumboulopoulos showed a fan made video, including footage of Cold Feet. My correspondent wrote that “everytime pictures like these are referenced in interviews, it is clear to everyone that he hates it. He even jumped on an interview host once because he made reference to women wanting to ‘make love to him’ because of his speedo’s scene.” I’m not really certain how it’s clear to “everyone” because it’s certainly not clear to me.

Surprised? Sure. Caught off guard? Absolutely. Hates it? That’s not how I see that reaction. I see that as kidding, kind of like when he told Kathy Lee and Hoda a few days later that he’d brushed his teeth because he thought he was going to have to kiss them, kind of like when he said during the following year’s press tour that he wanted everyone (yes, including you) to get naked, kind of like when he makes dick jokes. From my perspective, my correspondent was more embarrassed than he is and she was trying to make me responsible for her embarrassment at that moment. Twitter notwithstanding, there’s no way to take it up with him, so who gets the brunt of the discomfort? The rest of us.

What I find most disrespectful every single time this conversation happens is this notion that any of us has a better idea of what he should be doing than he does, including taking roles where he’s in various states of undress or less than heroic. Whether he sees these as a means to an end or as being artistically fulfilling in themselves isn’t up to us. He’s walking his own path, carved out by himself and his team. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the nonsense that some of us could somehow do a better job than his agent. The first time I saw it floated that he needed to fire his representation was right before his casting in The Hobbit was announced. Monumental screw up that was, right? Horribly irresponsible waste of his client’s talent, and look where it led? Right to John Proctor taking his shirt off approximately 101 times during the run of The Crucible.

Welcome to Pennsylvania, Mr. McT…Sorry About the Blizzard

Richard Armitage isn’t the only Hobbit cast member to score a new role and head to North America for filming recently. Graham McTavish is currently in Philadelphia to shoot Creed, the zillionth installment of the Rocky franchise. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that he’s in my state, eating cheese steaks and drinking Yuengling and waiting for  it to stop snowing like the rest of us. Where I’m sitting, in the Allegheny Mountains, there’s about tenish inches on the ground right now but down east they’re getting hammered. NBC in Philadelphia is predicting an accumulation of a foot today and tomorrow in Southeastern PA and New York City and New Jersey are expected to get fourteen to twenty inches in some places. I really feel for Mr. McT since he came from summer in the southern hemisphere to this. Sorry, dude. Stay safe and stay warm and have a great stay. If you need to go anywhere, might I suggest PA Cross Country Skiing?


Rutina Wesley Cast As Reba McClane

Check it out at TVLine.com here.

Full Body Shudder Playlist

Okay, we know Richard Armitage is in Toronto to do Hannibal and I normally do a playlist and if you haven’t read my sidewinder Obscura’s funkadelic playlist from today you should totally go do that because it’s far more danceable than this is going to be, guaranteed. I’m not looking forward to this one, I have to tell you, because I’m not really a fan of death metal at all and that’s about all I could think of while contemplating this installment of the playlist. I’m not squeamish…okay, yes I am, I’m a total wimp. I’m going to be watching it but through my fingers and while clutching my husband’s arm and I’ll be sleeping with the lights on for a while. Ready?

So last week Mr. Armitage Tweeted something that I cannot get to embed no matter what I do (you can find it here). It was this bit from Red Dragon:

‘You see me now, Yes

That’s how you feel to see me

Do you feel me now? Yes.’

Now, for me that caused a particular earworm to burrow into my head and not just me but also the fabulous FaboLaktuko and the equally fabulous Fanny Thornton. This one, from the rock opera Tommy.

Richard Armitage should totally do a rock opera, shouldn’t he? Of course he should. He has a thing about Keith Moon, right? Keith Moon covered in groupies, at least. You gotta love The Who, who did it louder and harder than anyone else. Well, until Paul McCartney decided he was going to be louder and harder than they were. The Who released “I Can See For Miles” in the summer of 1968 while The Beatles were recording The Beatles and bragged about how loud and dirty it was and it’s just a bad idea to do that within earshot of McCartney because he’s going to have to show you up. Like this.

You know what “Helter Skelter” means, right? What you may not know about Charles Manson is that he was a musician. There’s been a rumor for fifty years that he auditioned for The Monkees, debunked by snopes.com here. If you didn’t click the link and decided to just take my word for it up there, you missed this interesting nugget: one of Charles Manson’s songs was recorded by the Beach Boys as the B-side to “Blue Birds Over the Mountain.” Manson’s song was called “Cease to Exist” but he gave it to Dennis Wilson, who kept the lyrics but reworked the music into “Never Learn Not to Love,”  and failed to give Manson a songwriting credit.

The Beach Boys aren’t the only ones who’ve covered Manson over the years but I’ve sufficiently creeped myself out so I think I’m going to stop there. If you’re interested in an actual discussion of the music and soundscape of Hannibal, check out this and this by the brilliant Tim Storhoff. I’m gonna go listen to some Chuck Berry. You all have a great night.

Why I Love The Snarker Reason #6,234

I luuuuurve The Snarker over at RAsnarktastic on Tumblr and you should, too, if for no other reason than apparently snarking is akin to clairvoyance. The Snarker? Called Hannibal for Richard Armitage months ago.

Posted with the express written permission of The Snarker

Posted with the express written permission of The Snarker

Well played, Snarker.

Thinking lots about socks…

Obscura’s been thinking…

SpReAd The Love

Back in December in response to rockin’ socks being sported by you know who,

Yes, him. Yes, him.

I threw out a call for us all to signal boost charities that donate socks, or to donate socks ourselves to local charities.  I threw in a nifty sock tree graphic, and then replaced it with a more decorated one a few days later.  Then December caught up with me and then December got away from me!

Now it’s January, and it is bitterly cold.  Not cold enough if you ask MiniMe, since it needs to be -35° F with the windchill factor in order for school to be delayed and her to sleep in.  Today the windchill factor was only –26° F, so off to school they went.  To put that kind of cold into perspective, in this weather, exposed human flesh can freeze in as little as 15-20 minutes.  It’s not…

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RA Today ~ January 5

Always a great daily round up but — Netflix is canning North & South???

Just Richard Armitage

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1034521979898345.1073741841.669638609720019&type=1 posted by thorin-baconshield ~ found at Ety make up’s facebook page

New Crucible makeup photo found today.  Always a treat!  Not to be objectifying or anything … but … that’s a mighty fine cut to his shirt 😉  I really needed this because Netflix has just punched me in the stomach … Spooks is gone and North & South are leaving next week.  Added to the departure of Robin Hood a few months ago and it’s down right desolate.  It’s … it’s the desolation of Netflix.  Any suggestions on other viewing platforms? (contact form at the bottom)

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Excessively Diverted, Or: What The Hell Was I Supposed To Be Doing?

Slow cookers are fabulous things, aren’t they? I love that yesterday morning I was able to dump a pork roast and two bags of sauerkraut into mine, turn it on to low, and walk away from it and still have something that resembled a meal at dinnertime last night. I will spare you my rant about how much I HATE sauerkraut and how my love for my husband can be measured in my willingness to handle it once a year because, by God, you have to have sauerkraut on New Year’s Day (and my further rant about how my grandmother always drained the guck off and cooked it in whatever dark beer she could find, which was the most gross smelling thing ever) and just say that I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it for another year.

Everybody else was still in bed so I had a little time to kill before brunch. It helps me to make a To Do List because I am really easily distracted so I checked the calendar on my phone and, since it was a holiday, there was nothing pressing so I promptly forgot about doing a To Do List. Instead I checked email and read a few posts and then read the very patient reply from Obscura to my slightly inebriated question about a dubious piece of mythology my brain had scrambled (note to self: “Beoesomething” is not the same as “Boeotian,” no matter how close it looks after three drinks). That took about a half hour total.

Then I got a notification from Pintrest that one of my cousins created a new board called “Menu Planning.” Then I looked at the new board. Then I went down the rabbit hole that is Pintrest, specifically Pintrest boards that have to do with organization. Here’s the thing about organization: I am a Libra. I love for things to be beautiful and balanced and have about half a million things that I’m interested in so some form of keeping track of them is a Great Idea. However, I am also indecisive so prioritizing is an issue for me. I also live in fear that I’ll finally decide on The Organization System of My Dreams, set it up so that it’s balanced and beautiful, and then I’ll find another thing that I’m interested in and it’ll throw the whole system off and I’ll have to start all over again. I also have a sneaking suspicion that committing to a system is leveling up as an adult and I don’t know that I’m ready for that. I can still fit into my earrings from high school, after all, I’m not a grown up yet.

By the time I pulled myself out of my Wow-That’s-So-Pretty-I-Wonder-If-I-Can-Talk-DH-Into-Making-That-For-Me haze (note: this haze has in the past included a marimba and a mud room, neither of which I have because he knows if he waits a week I’ll change my mind) two hours later the kids had gotten themselves cereal and there was no point in making brunch. This is yet another reason I’m not certain that I’m really a grown up yet. So I decided that I really really need a To Do List and then I found another Pintrest board that featured a To Do List as a Brain Map instead of a numbered list and was totally enamored of not just the pinner’s map but also the whole concept of brain mapping so OF COURSE I had to look it up and that took another hour or so of surfing links, starting with Wikipedia. Then a couple of friends and I got to chatting, and this always happens in code that’s not quite text speak but kind of shorthand. You know shorthand, right? I think I remember some of it. I wonder if there’s a shorthand chart online…oh look, yes there is.

Then there was the Unfortunate Incident of the Silly Putty, with laughtrack provided by the live studio audience of Hey, Jessie! on Netflix. You really don’t want to know.

To Do List, that’s where I was, right? I decided that actually sitting at my desk might put me in the right frame of mind to make the damned thing already but then I was stuck: brain map or numbered? And if it was a brain map, what colors should I use? And who used my neon green highlighter and left the cap off? We have extras in the hall closet, right? Well, no, as it turned out we don’t because oldest used them for a geography project and told me last month. I wrote it down on my To Do List for December under Stuff To Buy and I know I did because I found the list in the hall closet, and it’s right there underneath light bulbs. Do we still need light bulbs? I think we do.

The other thing I love about slow cookers? They’re forgiving. You can shoot for six hours but, if you happen to spend an hour or so totally distracted, it’s isn’t a tragedy if you miss it. The pork was delicious, the sauerkraut was not (but I didn’t expect it to be), the mashed potatoes I managed to finish in there somewhere were pretty good. Yeah. Anyway, I hope you had a lovely holiday, no matter what you got up to doing. Make any resolutions? I’d share mine but I can’t decide between the many I need to make. I’ll be back later, maybe you guys could suggest something? Comments are open.






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