Two fandom New Years’ warnings for 2014

This. And not just this but also: you are responsible for you. What I mean is that not only are you responsible for what comes out of your mouth (and keyboard) but you’re also responsible for your own self-care. If someone is hassling you there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Take them. Don’t fear cutting toxic people out of your life, either in real life or online.

Me + Richard Armitage

Sorry to have to mention these, but again based on things I and other experienced fans have been seeing throughout Armitageworld and in blogospheres that touch on ours:

1. Requests or insistence by people that a blogger reveal one’s real life identity for a follow, or in order to come into contact, or in order to obtain access, often couched in the claim that one cannot be taken seriously under a pseudonym. First, be aware that pseudonymity is a perfectly legitimate status for a blogger (pseudonymity and anonymity are not the same thing — here is an explanation of the difference) or for anyone (here is a list of famous authors who use pseudonyms). There’s also nothing wrong with being “out” — as I have been for almost the last year — but it should be a decision contemplated for a while and taken in full awareness of its…

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