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That’s the face of a happy dude, right? So I think that even though it’s early I’m still gonna spin a groove and you all can dance along as you wake up. Have a great Friday morning and I’ll be back later with something cool.





Armitage Actuation and It’s Consequences

Really well said.

Armitage Agonistes


Richard Armitage knows that when he speaks, his fans listen, and often, they react. This concept barreled into me about 18 months ago.

2013 Christmas Message

Seeing so many at the LA premier (sorry about the un fan-friendly red carpet) Berlin, London, Madrid is really the highlight of the year. I am very proud to have such a dedicated community of ‘well wishers’ (better word than fans…right)

In this portion of the message, Richard Armitage is both using the word fan (un-fan-friendly)) and referring to his own fan base as well-wishers, a term which he wants us to agree is better than the word fans, at least as applied to him. Possibly, he chose the word fan in the first context because he was referring to all those who showed up, most of whom might have been fans of others:  BC, PJ, Aidan Turner or just The Hobbit Films.  But clearly…

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Wherein Jazzy Is Reduced to a Pile of Goo

Thank you, XYZ Films. Thank you, Hollywood Reporter. Thankyouthankyouthankyou, Richard Armitage. Totally bowled over here. Um, please don’t expect anything more intelligible than that because it’s not happening.


I think I might need a glass of wine. Or five. Do not send help. Back when my brain starts working again.

Richard Armitage’s “Urban and the Shed Crew” Trailer Link shared by RANet, June 06, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #761)

Edited at 6:55 PM ET The trailer has been pulled.

Check it out!

Something About Love (A)

“Urban and the Shed Crew” film IMDB link, the plot in a nutshellUTSC--RichardArmitage-andFraserKelley-poutingcutely_Jul2214tweet:
A boy who needs a father, a parent, finds one in an unlikely person–a man who also finds himself in becoming the boy’s father. [behind the scenes mug shot, right:  Richard Armitage and Fraser Kelly]

Wow! This “Urban and the Shed Crew” film trailer makes me want to see Richard Armitage careers news at RANet and Fraser Kelly is Urban in Urban and the Shed Crew in this film more than ever!

Thanks to RANet (Www.RichardArmitageNet.com ) for RANet tweet sharing the trailer link!

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Look! It’s Elvis! Or, Yes I Am Totally Cheating

Okay, Guylty issued this awesome new challenge last week and most of the participating bloggers have been posting daily and I swear I intended to do that but then I didn’t and now I’m cheating by answering all the questions at once. Yes, this is going to be long because there are fifteen questions so make a snack or something, I’ll wait. Ready?

If you haven’t run into this before, this is what Guylty came up with. I know she intended introspection but I’m not planning on going too deep here because, well, have ya met me?



1. What made you start blogging? Encouragement from Judiang and pi mostly. Oh, and Servetus because she had to Google Soundgarden and I decided that was wrong. It started out as a music and general goofiness blog.

2. The significance of your blog’s name? I am funky, my favorite color is blue, and the original blog layout had a graphic of dandelions blowing in the wind, which reminded me of Bloom County.  

3. What’s your (usual) blogging process? I start snickering about something and then start writing in my head. When I have a paragraph or two I write it down. Sometimes I publish it and sometimes I don’t.

4. What’s your favorite post? Um…I think it’s still the Magic 8 Ball one, Signs Point To Oh Hell No

5.  Which post got the most views? The Many Loves of Lucas — What Were The Writers Thinking?

6. Which post continues to give? A Moron In A Tizzy, which I wrote about Joan Jett in late fall 2013. It sat unread and uncommented upon because, well, it wasn’t about RA. A week or so later something happened that really threw me. While I was dealing with the emotional fallout from that thing, an anonymous commenter left a very kind note on my Jett post. I don’t know what moved that commenter to encourage me at that moment but I needed it more than I can express. Anonymous, if you’re reading this, thank you. You have no idea what those few words meant to me right then.

7.  Which post has the most comments? Not sure and don’t feel like looking.

8. Which post was the most difficult to write? In My Life, which is about the way my grief for my mother has changed over the years.

9. Which post do you regret writing? At this moment, none of them. Some are definitely crap but I at least learned something from each one.

10. What do you find most difficult or challenging about blogging? Self-doubt, same as with other writing.

11. Your favorite aspect of blogging? Not the pay, for sure. 🙂 Um, just hanging out with you all mostly.

12. How — if at all — has blogging changed your life? It’s given me a place to put all of those ridiculous bits of trivia that have been rattling around my pea brain.

13. What have you learned from blogging? That I remember more about The Chicago Manual of Style than I thought I did.

14. Any plans for your blogging future? Write more stuff. Be funny sometimes.

15. Any blogging role models? I don’t know if I’d say role model. I learn from everybody I read, though, so everyone? Everyone is good.

Okay, so, on that note, I’m spinning some Bangles. You all have a great night.