Richard Armitage’s “Urban and the Shed Crew” Trailer Link shared by RANet, June 06, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #761)

Edited at 6:55 PM ET The trailer has been pulled.

Check it out!

Something About Love (A)

“Urban and the Shed Crew” film IMDB link, the plot in a nutshellUTSC--RichardArmitage-andFraserKelley-poutingcutely_Jul2214tweet:
A boy who needs a father, a parent, finds one in an unlikely person–a man who also finds himself in becoming the boy’s father. [behind the scenes mug shot, right:  Richard Armitage and Fraser Kelly]

Wow! This “Urban and the Shed Crew” film trailer makes me want to see Richard Armitage careers news at RANet and Fraser Kelly is Urban in Urban and the Shed Crew in this film more than ever!

Thanks to RANet ( ) for RANet tweet sharing the trailer link!

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  1. Gratiana Lovelace
    Jun 06, 2015 @ 15:55:14

    Thanks for the reblog! Hugs!

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