Nap Time

The tryptophan is kicking my butt so while my eyes are still open let me wish all of my US readers and ex-pats elsewhere a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

You Deserve A Break

Okay, it’s aaaaalllllmoooost over. Election Day polls are closing in a few places and it’s guaranteed to be a long night. If you’re stressing and you need a breather, hop over to Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Facebook page where you can find the live feed from their JellyCam. Sit back, relax as much as you can, and have a great night!


Duranies in the House?

Get your Grace Jones on and GO VOTE!

Loved Loved Loved It!

Had a whirlwind weekend in NYC with a bunch of fabulous people…am now recovering on the couch with Supernatural and a pot of coffee. Be back later with a report of the whole shindig. 🙂

I’m Running Away…

Sort of. SOMEONE has to have the bail fund for Judiang and Zan, after all. 🙂

See you all soon!