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In A New York State of Mind

So, it occurred to me yesterday that I haven’t written about the Cultural Excursion I took to NYC with The Gang to watch The Dude. Wanna hear about it? I mean, you know I’m going to talk, anyway, so you might as well stick around. There might be pictures and be prepared for rambling, mostly coherently. 

So this shindig was hatched in June when, as it happened, I was on another Cultural Excursion in Philadelphia with Zan, watching another Londoner talking about love. This one wrote his own material, though, and I laughed just as hard at his performance.
Anyway, as Zan and I were eating our way  through the Reading Terminal Market, I got a message from an Awesome Fandom Friend who had a plan about getting to see The Dude in November. 


It was June, I was wearing sandals, I didn’t want to think about it yet. Awesome Friend is Awesome, though, so of course I said yes, and then proceeded to not think about it till September, after the kids were back in school.


I will spare you the “OMGIFORGOTTOBOOKAROOM!” drama, and instead thank not just one but two Awesome Fandom Friends for helping me out there. Unfortunately, AFF2 developed health complications and was unable to attend. 

Enter Zan again, this time with Judiang. Or, rather, enter me trying unsuccessfully to be quiet at seven on a Saturday morning (sorry, Judiang). We went to breakfast, came back to the room and crashed, at some point I think we ate again, maybe? 

Then we went to the United Nations, where Judiang was declared our Responsible Adult and Zan and I laughed and tried to behave. 🙂 

We were meeting some of The Gang (Servetus and chazak) for dinner, but as it turned out the restaurant was packed so chazak and her really laid back husband walked us around Time Square to the Heartland Brewery (excellent Swiss and Mushroom burgers, btw).

I am not a reviewer so: play was fab, Dude was gear. The best thing about it for me, though, was that I sat next to and hung out with Obscura, who is still the coolest. 🙂

On to *blows Fanfare on my kid’s kazoo* The Stage Door. Earlier in the day, Zan and Judiang tried to get a feel for how I wanted to handle it. Zan and I stood patiently in line to have deBotton autograph our books in Philly, maybe this would be like that? Mmm, not so much. When it came down to it I just didn’t want to get pushed around. I contented myself with wiseassing him on Twitter and singing the “We Love You, Birdie” song from BYE BYE BIRDIE with Zan before he came out. When he did show, he moved down the line quickly and was in his car within a few minutes. 

Cocktails were next with Guylty and Linda60 and at this point it all kind of becomes a blur for me due to total exhaustion. I’m glad Judiang and Zan were navigating back to the hotel.

The next morning was a flurry of breakfast and goodbyes with the roomies, and second breakfast with Servetus. I don’t remember what I ate but the coffee at the second place was better. We walked back to her hotel so we could figure out where the stop for my MegaBus was, then we said goodbye, and then I walked for a loooong time. I got lost trying to find the Empire State Building, stopped at a Starbucks (when in doubt drink more coffee), walked out the wrong door, and found myself in the lobby of the ESB, because of course I did. 

I think that’s everything and everyone. If I met you and didn’t note it above, please accept my apology now and shoot me an email so I can correct myself. The rest of you have a great weekend. 🙂