Fandom Coda: A Close Encounter of the Tiny Kind

*Blows dust off the joint*

Hey there, how have you all been? I know, I’ve been out of touch and WAAAAY out of the loop but last night I got the chance to catch up with the fabulous Zan over dinner and I was feeling a little nostalgic. I told her a story that I hadn’t told anyone else because it was such a tiny moment but she and her husband both howled so I’m gonna just put it out there.

So, a bunch of us went to see Love, Love, Love in NYC one gorgeous weekend in November 2016. I hung out with the usual suspects (Zan, Judiang, Servetus, chazak, Guylty, Obscura, etc.) and watched the stagedoor madness on Saturday night from the side, not wanting to have a weird encounter that would mar the memory of hanging out with my friends. I saw him, after all, just not up close. No big.

The Universe had other ideas.

On Sunday I was walking toward the MegaBus pick up point and lo and behold who came loping toward me but a very familiar looking dude in a baseball cap. I kind of snickered because are you kidding? I watched him get closer and closer (like I was going to look away), fiddling with a cell phone and ear plugs as he zipped along the sidewalk. He and I were almost next to each other when he whipped his earbuds out and hissed, “Shit!” He looked over at me (read: a woman obviously older than he is), ducked his head sheepishly, and kept going. I snickered like the Bad Fan I am.

So that’s it, my one and only encounter with The Dude. I managed to not embarrass myself so I’d call that a win. 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!