A Very Funky Blue #RABlogReunion

Hey there, how yinz been? It’s good to see you! Thanks to Nat for organizing the shindig, and, of course, thanks to you for stopping by.  I actually went back and forth about participating — like, who cares what I’m doing? — but as we got closer to the day I decided I couldn’t not mark it.

I almost can’t believe it’s been years since I shuttered this place. I used to love writing here and cracking wise with all of you and I miss the silliness sometimes. I still love the limerick Zan and I wrote for Judiang, and the goofball pic spams, and SpReAding the Love. It was time, though.

I used to wonder how it would happen…would my admiration for Mr. A just fade away? Would he do something stupid? It was ultimately a combination of those things and, honestly, letting go of him was a relief. My fanship of him was a pleasure while it lasted. I kept the good — the true friends I made — and let the rest float off into the ether.

This is not to say that I’m done being a FAN, of course. The #SPNFamily has been kind to me. My prediction for the series finale is that the GHOST — GHOST FACERS will be the last ones standing but we’ll have to wait fall to find out.

As for what else I’m doing, on the off chance you do care, I work in long term care and am applying to nursing school. My oldest is headed off to college in the fall, my middle is an amazing artist, and my youngest is still figuring it all out. Sometimes it takes a while.

Thanks for being part of my figuring.

All the best,