And More Fandom Collaboration Awesomeness: The Thorin Project Speculative Playlist

The fabulous kelbel and the equally fabulous Guylty are conspiring collaborating on a project that you can find out all about here.  Have I mentioned how much I love these moments when the fandom works together to create amazing coolness? Total sucker for it. Let’s kick them off in rocking style, shall we? If you’re new, I occasionally do bullshit speculative playlists for Mr. A’s characters and this time, again, it’s Thorin.

Thorin’s gonna be bonkers in the next movie, right? The question is exactly how bonkers he’s going to be. Like, will he be barking at the moon?

Just how destructive is his paranoia going to be? And have I mentioned how much I love the Kinks?

Is he going to be a full-on basket case? I have nothing else to say here because this song just rocks.

So, what do you think was on the Dude’s playlist? Comments are open. Be sure to check out that link up there, it’s truly awesome, and have a great Monday!


ICYMI: Armitage Authors Network

Trudy Brasure and I have been collaborating on a new blog that you can find here. Keep your eyes peeled, too, because Obscura and I have been putting our heads together again for another SpReAd The Love challenge and you’ll be hearing about that soon!

It’s Sunday, time for a mellow spin. This song reminds me of a dear friend who celebrated her 43rd birthday a few days ago, so have some John Coltrane with me. Have a great day!