Full Body Shudder Playlist

Okay, we know Richard Armitage is in Toronto to do Hannibal and I normally do a playlist and if you haven’t read my sidewinder Obscura’s funkadelic playlist from today you should totally go do that because it’s far more danceable than this is going to be, guaranteed. I’m not looking forward to this one, I have to tell you, because I’m not really a fan of death metal at all and that’s about all I could think of while contemplating this installment of the playlist. I’m not squeamish…okay, yes I am, I’m a total wimp. I’m going to be watching it but through my fingers and while clutching my husband’s arm and I’ll be sleeping with the lights on for a while. Ready?

So last week Mr. Armitage Tweeted something that I cannot get to embed no matter what I do (you can find it here). It was this bit from Red Dragon:

‘You see me now, Yes

That’s how you feel to see me

Do you feel me now? Yes.’

Now, for me that caused a particular earworm to burrow into my head and not just me but also the fabulous FaboLaktuko and the equally fabulous Fanny Thornton. This one, from the rock opera Tommy.

Richard Armitage should totally do a rock opera, shouldn’t he? Of course he should. He has a thing about Keith Moon, right? Keith Moon covered in groupies, at least. You gotta love The Who, who did it louder and harder than anyone else. Well, until Paul McCartney decided he was going to be louder and harder than they were. The Who released “I Can See For Miles” in the summer of 1968 while The Beatles were recording The Beatles and bragged about how loud and dirty it was and it’s just a bad idea to do that within earshot of McCartney because he’s going to have to show you up. Like this.

You know what “Helter Skelter” means, right? What you may not know about Charles Manson is that he was a musician. There’s been a rumor for fifty years that he auditioned for The Monkees, debunked by snopes.com here. If you didn’t click the link and decided to just take my word for it up there, you missed this interesting nugget: one of Charles Manson’s songs was recorded by the Beach Boys as the B-side to “Blue Birds Over the Mountain.” Manson’s song was called “Cease to Exist” but he gave it to Dennis Wilson, who kept the lyrics but reworked the music into “Never Learn Not to Love,”  and failed to give Manson a songwriting credit.

The Beach Boys aren’t the only ones who’ve covered Manson over the years but I’ve sufficiently creeped myself out so I think I’m going to stop there. If you’re interested in an actual discussion of the music and soundscape of Hannibal, check out this and this by the brilliant Tim Storhoff. I’m gonna go listen to some Chuck Berry. You all have a great night.


New Movie, New Playlist: Part 2

So Wednesday I posted Part 1 of my bullshit speculative playlist for Richard Armitage’s new role in the filming-right-now Sleepwalker and a lot — okay, all of it but the Robert Palmer — the speculation was thanks to Marlise Boland’s post at The Anglophile Channel. Part 1 was rocking stuff and Part 2 is a little not so rocking. It all still rocks, though, and I got some really good suggestions that I’m including so ready?

Servetus suggested this one off blog and I’m so glad she did. I think she posted this over at Me+Richard last yearish? “Send Us A Quiet Night” is the closing track from the 2007 album Apples by June Tabor. Beautiful.

Also beautiful and a 60s hippie goddess is Mama Cass. I can never seem to stop listening to her once I start so getting to the next one might take me a minute here. This is from her debut solo album Dream a Little Dream.

From hippie goddess to jazz goddess: Ella Fitzgerald. This works for insomnia, I think.

Again, comments are open…what do you think should be on the playlist? Have a great Friday!




New Movie, New Playlist: Part 1

Marlise Boland over at The Anglophile Channel posted the scoop on Sleepwalker and Richard Armitage’s role as Dr. Scott White the other day and you know what that means, right? Of course you do, a playlist, or in this case, two playlists. Because I can. And I couldn’t decide between some of these (because I am a Libra and we’re in Libra, which just makes it worse) so I went with playing all of them. I thought about splitting them up between the two lead characters, one for Dr. White and one for Sarah, but it made more sense to me to do it by rockingness (spellcheck is trying to tell me that isn’t a word…it totally is, I just used it) so today is hard stuff and tomorrow is not-so-hard stuff. Ready?

Let’s get this out of the way first because it’s cheesy, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to gaze at a fiiiiiiiiine British man. Robert Palmer, in this case.

Now that the swoon is out of the way, let’s get to the harder stuff. I’m not entirely certain that this one fits but I love it and it’s creepy sounding and I’ve been waiting for a reason to play it. This was the lead single from Fallen and won Evanescence two Grammys in 2004.

Obscura requested this one when I was talking to her yesterday. I’m not a huge Metallica fan but I can see this.

This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You have been warned. If you click this link and then complain that it’s offensive or disturbing I will laugh at you because being offensive and disturbing are the point here. Marilyn Manson released this cover of Eurythmics from Smells Like Children in the mid-90s.

Okay, so, what’s on your playlist for the new chaRActer? Oh, and spellcheck ain’t playing anymore, it just auto-corrected chaRActer twice. Comments are open.

And More Fandom Collaboration Awesomeness: The Thorin Project Speculative Playlist

The fabulous kelbel and the equally fabulous Guylty are conspiring collaborating on a project that you can find out all about here.  Have I mentioned how much I love these moments when the fandom works together to create amazing coolness? Total sucker for it. Let’s kick them off in rocking style, shall we? If you’re new, I occasionally do bullshit speculative playlists for Mr. A’s characters and this time, again, it’s Thorin.

Thorin’s gonna be bonkers in the next movie, right? The question is exactly how bonkers he’s going to be. Like, will he be barking at the moon?

Just how destructive is his paranoia going to be? And have I mentioned how much I love the Kinks?

Is he going to be a full-on basket case? I have nothing else to say here because this song just rocks.

So, what do you think was on the Dude’s playlist? Comments are open. Be sure to check out that link up there, it’s truly awesome, and have a great Monday!

A Blessing For John Proctor

The Crucible finishes it’s amazing run tonight and I’m thrilled for all of you who have tickets to the final performance and each of you who’s seen it along the way. If you’re new to me as a blogger, I occasionally do speculative playlists for Richard Armitage’s characters. I haven’t done one for John Proctor because I normally free-associate these things and there just wasn’t anything coming to me. Then a few days ago I heard this version of one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, “Dignity.” It’s stripped down, just his voice and a piano, but nobody says it quite like him. Congratulations to Yael Farber and the entire cast and crew.


On a personal note, I’ll be away from my computer for most of the day. If you’re commenting for the first time, it’ll get hung up in moderation and I’ll get to it, just not right away.