A Star Fell In Alabama

It’s been a long day in Lower Alabama. The den at Chez Lady Writer may be quiet but if you peer into the room at twilight you can make out the ChaRActers right where she left them: John Porter and NotLucas on the sofa, Guy of Gisborne in the LazyBoy, and Harry Kennedy standing at the window looking at the sky, right where he was the on the night a star fell.

They knew in their bones what it meant but none of them could bring themselves to speak and make it real.

Finally, Harry Kennedy cleared his throat. “Cup of tea, anyone?”

Guy grunted a negative but the other two just shook their heads.

“Are you sure you should go out there? We don’t want to intrude, yeah?” Porter asked. Harry shrugged.

“I suppose you’re right. Leave the family to it.”

Guy grunted again. NotLucas sighed heavily. “Something to add, Sir Guy?”

“We’re family. I mean, aren’t we? We’ve lived in her den for a decade, don’t we matter?”

“In the grand scheme no we don’t matter. You know that,” Porter said.

Harry chuckled softly. “We mattered to her.” His smile widened.

“Do you remember when we tried to take care of Mr. Lady Writer when he hurt his ankle?”

Porter smirked. “I’m amazed the poor man survived Guy’s tender care.”

Guy narrowed his eyes at him.

“Or the time her cats nearly castrated him?” NotLucas laughed.

Guy sniffed a manly sniff. “Or the time we all wore even more black than usual to right your ridiculous plot.”

NotLucas laughed out loud. “She said the writing drove her crazy, she just couldn’t bear it –“

“She loved you,” Guy interrupted. “She loved all of us.”

The shadows lengthened into dusk. Porter cleared his throat. “One of us should say something.”

Harry spoke up. “I don’t trust myself to speak extemporaneously but a few lines from a poem I read on her shelves seem fitting.” He took a deep breath.

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

The ChaRActers stood together at the window and watched as the stars came out. A new one was glowing softly near the horizon. Guy turned to the others and found he was alone.

“Thank you for loving me into being,” he whispered and closed his eyes. In the next moment he stepped into a shadow, and joined the evening breeze.


Though a newspaper obituary has not yet been published a notice has appeared. There is a Guestbook if you want to leave condolences for her husband and family.



#CelebRAte Love: Armitage World Fandom Love 2017

I have always said that my favorite part of this fandom has been other fans, followed very closely by fan creativity. You all knock me out pretty regularly with whatever it is that you do, be it blogging or vidding, writing fic or tweeting snark. One of my favorite forms of fan art is, as far as I know, unique to Armitage World: the Richard Armitage Portable Shrine, each one lovingly handcrafted by our own Guylty. A couple of summers ago I was lucky enough to score a RAPS of my very own and as I was thinking about what to blog for this event it occurred to me that I’ve never shown any of you my prize. Ready?

I don’t remember when she put this up exactly but the theme of Hippie Flower Child Thorin Oakenshield was irresistible to me. I HAD to try for this one. I mean, really.

He’s perfect from his disco ball (for emergency parties) to his word magnets (for emergency poetries). The matching daisies just slay me, too, though hopefully the one on his sword is for love instead of war. 

Thorin wasn’t alone in the package Guylty sent me, either. She also enclosed a framed and matted copy of my very favorite photo of The Dude, taken by Guylty herself at the Berlin premiere of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. 

There were a few other little things she added, too, but by far the one that means the most to me was the sweet note. Guylty’s creativity is warm because she is. She’s one of my favorite fans and I’m thrilled she’s still organizing events. Thanks for hosting us all, G, and for spReAding the love. 🙂

Loved Loved Loved It!

Had a whirlwind weekend in NYC with a bunch of fabulous people…am now recovering on the couch with Supernatural and a pot of coffee. Be back later with a report of the whole shindig. 🙂

I’m Running Away…

Sort of. SOMEONE has to have the bail fund for Judiang and Zan, after all. 🙂

See you all soon!

One More

Fandoms collide every once in awhile, you know? Last November, around the time I was diagnosed with depression, I found solace in Supernatural. Specifically, I found solace in binging all of what was then ten seasons in a matter of weeks, then downloading The CW app and catching up with the first half of Season Eleven. Season Twelve debuts this Thursday. 

The events in the fan vid below take place in Season Five. I originally watched it because Gabriel is by far my favorite character, but the music’s being familiar was a bonus. 

Shiny, Happy JT: 1st Post

Okay, this is technically my 468th post but it’s my first post in the new place so to celebrate I’m bringing you some beauty that made me smile when I saw it last night.


From Duran Duran's Facebook page: John Taylor backstage at Fashion Rocks 9/9/14

From Duran Duran’s Facebook page: John Taylor backstage at Fashion Rocks 9/9/14


You know how the RAniverse has been just beside itself over the new Sarah Dunn pictures of boyfriend being giggly? I love those, too, but this for me is something more. This guy is the reason my RA crush stays pretty mellow most of the time. All those intense feelings that I love reading about you all working through? I had them for him. That smile there is the flash of an old soul residing in a 54-year-old body that’s experienced unbelievable highs and lows, triumphs and failures, addiction and recovery. He hasn’t just survived, he’s thrived and while I adored him as a teen, I deeply admire and respect him as an adult. He doesn’t need it from me but he has it anyway.

Sooo…I’ll be getting situated in the new digs for a bit so please be patient. As soon as I figure out which box I left YouTube in we should be good. Have a great day whatever you’re doing!