Shiny, Happy JT: 1st Post

Okay, this is technically my 468th post but it’s my first post in the new place so to celebrate I’m bringing you some beauty that made me smile when I saw it last night.


From Duran Duran's Facebook page: John Taylor backstage at Fashion Rocks 9/9/14

From Duran Duran’s Facebook page: John Taylor backstage at Fashion Rocks 9/9/14


You know how the RAniverse has been just beside itself over the new Sarah Dunn pictures of boyfriend being giggly? I love those, too, but this for me is something more. This guy is the reason my RA crush stays pretty mellow most of the time. All those intense feelings that I love reading about you all working through? I had them for him. That smile there is the flash of an old soul residing in a 54-year-old body that’s experienced unbelievable highs and lows, triumphs and failures, addiction and recovery. He hasn’t just survived, he’s thrived and while I adored him as a teen, I deeply admire and respect him as an adult. He doesn’t need it from me but he has it anyway.

Sooo…I’ll be getting situated in the new digs for a bit so please be patient. As soon as I figure out which box I left YouTube in we should be good. Have a great day whatever you’re doing!