WTF, Kanye?

I didn’t watch the Grammys last night because I was too busy swooning with everyone else over Richard Armitage reading Shakespeare but I kept an eye on the goings on via Twitter and Facebook. When reports started to roll in that Kayne West interrupted Beck’s acceptance of his Best Album award I figured it was a joke because Beyoncé was also a nominee in that category. Uh, not so much a joke, as it turned out. Click the link to see gifs of the whole mess go down over at The Verge. Prince was out of frame there but I’d like to think that he growled at West and scared him off the stage. Billboard helpfully posted this morning about exactly who Beck is, though it wasn’t nearly as funny as Erin La Rosa’s education of Katy Perry fans who were thrilled that she was helping out new artist Missy Elliot last week over at Buzzfeed. Don’t even get me started on the Kanye/Paul McCartney nonsense. Seriously, people, internet? Google? Google is your friend.

Okay, so the obvious cut here would be “Loser,” right? That would be snarky, though, and I am still way too swoony to be anything but mellow so instead we’re listening to “Where It’s At.” Because Beck is indeed.