New Movie, New Playlist: Part 2

So Wednesday I posted Part 1 of my bullshit speculative playlist for Richard Armitage’s new role in the filming-right-now Sleepwalker and a lot — okay, all of it but the Robert Palmer — the speculation was thanks to Marlise Boland’s post at The Anglophile Channel. Part 1 was rocking stuff and Part 2 is a little not so rocking. It all still rocks, though, and I got some really good suggestions that I’m including so ready?

Servetus suggested this one off blog and I’m so glad she did. I think she posted this over at Me+Richard last yearish? “Send Us A Quiet Night” is the closing track from the 2007 album Apples by June Tabor. Beautiful.

Also beautiful and a 60s hippie goddess is Mama Cass. I can never seem to stop listening to her once I start so getting to the next one might take me a minute here. This is from her debut solo album Dream a Little Dream.

From hippie goddess to jazz goddess: Ella Fitzgerald. This works for insomnia, I think.

Again, comments are open…what do you think should be on the playlist? Have a great Friday!