Spinning One For My Sidewinder: Obscura Shakes It Up

Long about February or Marchish 2013 I took a long break from blogging and from the fandom in general. There had been yet another stoopid drama that just got to me and what was supposed to be a break of a few weeks so I could handle something in Real Life was extended. At one point I considered it permanent. I missed a lot of stuff, a bunch of new blogs came along, circle of life, yadda yadda yadda. Obscura fired up the fabulous Ancient Armitage around that time and while I commented every once in a while it was mostly just me being a smart ass and her snickering. Then she emailed me.

I’d done SpReAd The Love challenges a few times, for Valentine’s Day, then again in August, and then again in the winter.  Obscura had been a frequent contributor to the first August challenge and when there was nothing the following year she wanted to know what was up. I’m so glad she asked because you know what? I could not have asked for a better, more together partner to do this with. She thinks big, she dreams big, she loves big. She’s the entire reason there’s been a SpReAd The Love this year. Along the way as we got to know each other we discovered that we have a lot more common interests than Armitage and one of those is Eddie Vedder so this spin is for her. Thanks, Obscura, for shaking it up.