Happy Happy Happiness

#OneBeardToBringThemAll happened on Saturday and good gravy, Mabel, what brilliant lunacy! I’m a huge fan of moments like that, moments when silliness just kind of lights up your head and takes over and moves on its own. Well done, everyone who took part! Even StickFigureRichard Tweeted and I’m always thrilled to see him and his creator, Nat from The Richard Armitage Fan Blog.

My two favorite Tweets involved The Dude’s response to all of the silliness, and with a comic strip because he needed to charm me personally a little more. If you haven’t seen it, he tweeted this.


Yesterday, Doug Savage,┬áthe creator of Savage Chickens, responded excitedly that he’d “been tweeted by Thorin Oakenshield!” You can tell he was reeeeeallllllly excited because, look, he used an exclamation point while being Canadian. I mean, if that was me or any other American it would take about ten exclamation points to convey that kind of sincerity. Note to Canada: kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So all of this reminds me of Lenny Kravtiz. How, you ask? Because of this vid, which I love and is one of my favorites of anyone ever and is so in the spirit of Satruday’s silliness. I’ve spun it before and I’ve watched it about six times since starting this post. You all have a great Monday!