All A-Twitter

There’s been some discussion on Twitter recently about this picture from the set of Spooks: The Greater Good (I don’t know who first Tweeted it but today’s discussion included Violet, Perry and Frenz).


Specifically the discussion has been about who that might be in the background there doing some modifications to a cell phone. The Dude said he was doing a cameo that would be widely talked about, and if that is indeed an undead NotLucas North sitting there the talking I’ll be doing will be mostly of the non-verbal eye rolling variety. If I get verbal at all it’s likely to be sweary.

I love NotLucas as much as the next fan, but if that’s him then my suspension of disbelief is going to be stretched to Pluto. NotLucas was a lot of things: broken, smart, determined, fan service, close personal friend of most of London’s female population. What he wasn’t, though, was Sherlock Holmes. There is no way he took a dive from a building that tall and survived.

In order for me to believe that he survived one of two things has to be true, and neither of them are really good options. Either Harry Pearce let the guy who killed RealLucas North among others in a bombing, lied to him personally for close to a decade and tried to kill Ruth go for some inexplicable reason (and wouldn’t that have come up in his disciplinary hearing?), or the lab at MI-5 — who should have confirmed that it was indeed NotLucas and that he was indeed dead — is run by Pinky and the Brain. Actually, that might explain a couple of things.

So is that The Dude? Look closely (it’s a tough job, I know, but someone has to do it). What do you think?