It’s Time!

Of course it is. 🙂 Have a safe, if spooky, Halloween!

Darkness Falls Across The Laminate

Yesterday I was dancing to “Thriller” in my kitchen and I managed to — well, I didn’t really SCARE the dog, but he looked really concerned. One person, however loony, in a kitchen doesn’t qualify as a Flash Mob but these certainly do. Let’s start in Colorado. This happened last year at the Denver International Airport.


Do you remember the time MC Hammer challenged Michael Jackson to a dance off for possession of “the glove”? That was child’s play compared to this dance off between zombies and vamps at The Sherman Oaks Galleria in 2010.


And if just doing the zombie dance is difficult, imagine doing it on ice. This happened in 2011 at a Halloween weekend hockey game between the Calgary Flames and the St. Louis Blues. Guess who the host team was.


Nobody outdoes the King of Pop, though. Psst…kelbel…it’s coming. Can you believe this video is thirty years old? And Vincent Price? *sigh*


Happy Halloween everyone! Hope it’s — um — THRILLING for you, however you’re celebrating!