Judiang Went To London And All We Got Was Goofiness

The lovely, lovely Judiang recently crossed The Pond to see one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed plays of 2014, The Crucible. Starring … well, you know who. Anyway … while there, she did something wonderful for both Jazzy from FunkyBlueDandelion and Zan from Well, There You Go. And, being who we are, we’d like to thank her. In our own inimitable way.

Zan: Okay, I came up with something that is…not quite what you suggested.

Jazzy: We’re not doing a limerick?

Zan: No, no limerick. Judiang is classy, she deserves better than a limerick.

Jazzy: But I looked up rhymes and everything! It took me minutes!

Zan: No. Limerick. Instead, I’ve rewritten “London Bridge Is Falling Down” and I thought we could sing it to her.

Jazzy: You’re kidding.

Zan: Look, to be honest, the idea of you writing a limerick kind of scares me.

Jazzy (sighs): Fine. London Bridge. What do you have so far?

Zan (clears throat): Judiang went to LondonTown, LondonTown, LondonTown, Judiang went to LondonTown, my fair Judi.

Jazzy: *crickets*

Zan (looks expectantly): Well?

Jazzy: Uh, second verse, same as the first?

Zan: Ahem, second verse, NOT the same as the first…The Crucible play she did see, she did see, she did see, The Crucible play seen one times three.

Jazzy: I still think a limerick is more in keeping with the occasion, like this: A chick named Judiang went to London…

Zan (clears throat loudly): Judi saw the bearded one, unshaven one, hotness one…

Jazzy: And found herself in a conundrum…

Zan (braces herself): Fine. Go on.

Jazzy: She says she’s not a fan, but got an autographed program for Jazzy and a poster for Zan, and now Mr. A thinks knows she is one.

Zan (blinks): That…wasn’t obscene at all.

Jazzy: I told you. Have a little faith, dude. What were you afraid of, anyway?

Zan (blushes): Um, well, the only rhyme I could come up with was…well (whispers in Jazzy’s ear)

Jazzy: And you were afraid *I’d* come up with a dirty limerick? I’m shocked.

Zan (incredulous): I shocked you?

Jazzy: Not really.

Zan: Darn!

We love you, Judiang! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!


Zan and Jazzbaby1