Beauty School Drop Out

The final Hobbit premiere is upon us and this time last year I was snickering at Richard Armitage’s horoscope over at Free Will Astrology. Rob Brezsny wrote that Leo’s “levels of personal magic are high” during that week of premieres. If nothing else, Guylty’s pictures from Berlin attest to that.

Thanks, Guylty!

Thanks, Guylty!




I was supposed to be typing again there, wasn’t I? Sorry. That’s been happening a lot these days and while, yes, I need to increase the gingko it’s not just that. Since he’s been on Twitter I’ve been twitterpated with him all over again and that’s going to present a problem soon if Brezsny is as wackily dead on as he was last year. Like tomorrow soon, at the London premiere. Go here to read the whole Leo horoscope for this week (if you’re new to Brezsny, he will “smack you with a positivity stick,” as zan put it).

I have my doubts that Richard Armitage needs anyone’s help becoming more beautiful. Seriously, Brezsny, this guy? He’s got it handled. I know, I know, it’s all a metaphor, I don’t care. He’s already hilarious, and goofy, and uses his celebrity for the benefit of causes he believes in, and kills when he’s wearing blue (that one was also zan). It’s the rest of us who are going to need help if he starts thinking about this stuff.

Okay, so it looks like the party is going to be on Twitter exclusively this year. Thanks to everyone who’s hosted a chat or live blogged for the premieres the last few years. See you all tomorrow!

EDIT: Servetus is going to be live blogging tomorrow at her blog here.


spReAd the Love Gives Back Week 3: Lucas North

SpReAd The Love Gives Back is in Week 3 and this week’s prize is a beautiful Lucas North inspired locket made by Obscura. Check it out!

SpReAd The Love

WOW…I mean *really* WOW!  Week 2 a la Guy of Gisborne was incredible.  The reports of kindnesses really do lift the spirits in an amazing ways – thanks to all who participated and congratulations again to the winner of the hand beaded by Jazzy bracelet:  zeesmuse!

For this week’s drawing, I tried my hand at a little jewelry making in honor of Lucas North.

Lovely Lucas Locket Lovely Lucas Locket

This locket is fully reversible.  Filled with jewels reflecting Lucas’ baby blues, worn one way there is a tiny image of the spy himself.  Turned around, you can wear Lucas against your heart and show just his initial to the world. (A lobster claw clasp makes reversing the locket simple.)  I carried the cool blue color palette to the charms and added some I thought were representative of this character.  A tiny Big Ben symbolizes his return to England after years of…

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SpReAd The Love Gives Back Week 2: Guy of Gisborne

SpReAd The Love

It’s been a crazy week here so I’m a lot later getting this up than I wanted but I wanted to give you all a look at this week’s prize.

Multi-strand bracelet that does say Guy of Gisborne in there somewhere. Multi-strand bracelet that does say Guy of Gisborne in there somewhere.

What makes this Guy-related is the text on the paper beads, verses I – XXXIX of “Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne” from The Oxford Book of Ballads (Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed., 1910) which you can find here.

While all of the beads are strung there’s no clasp on it yet. When we choose a winner tomorrow that person is going to need to measure their wrist and then email me the size they come up with (I’ll give you directions if you need them so it isn’t too tight). We have just over 24 hours left for this giveaway so if this is the one you want comment with a kindness below or…

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SpReAd The Love Gives Back Week 2: Guy of Gisborne

This week’s Giving Back giveaway is up over at SpReAd The Love, check it out!

SpReAd The Love

Our first week of STL Gives Back was amazing! Thank you all so much for all the kindnesses that you submitted and, in case you missed it, our winner was Kitty who’ll be getting a paperback copy of In Consequence by Trudy Brasure. Thanks to everyone who entered and a special thanks to Trudy for donating a copy of her novel!

Our giveaways are all fan made items inspired by some of Richard Armitage’s most popular characters. This week’s giveaway, a jet and paper bead multi-strand bracelet, was inspired by Guy of Gisborne and is handmade by me. I’m still finishing it but as a preview, these are some of the materials I’m working with.

beadsguyofgisbornestl Jet beads and parchment paper. Hmmm, how could that say Guy of Gisborne?

Okay, again leave a comment with a kindness that you’ve done or that’s been done for you and your name will be entered into this…

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Sweet Bird Of Prey

Hello, Poe. Thanks for this. Thinking about someone I deeply miss today.

SpReAd The Love: Giving Back To Those Who’ve Given

ICYMI: more details about our end-of-year SpReAd The Love challenge!

SpReAd The Love

WOW! We challenged you all a few days ago and you’ve already maxed our donor for the Red Cross! Thanks so much for helping us reach that goal!

Now here’s the rest of the challenge. Our Anonymous Co-Conspirator still has $100 burning a hole in his or her pocket to donate to one of the charities Richard Armitage supports via JustGiving so we need at least 100 more kindnesses but there’s a twist on it. You’ve all been so supportive of SpReAd The Love this year so, starting with this post, when you submit a kindness we’ll put your name in a hat. Each Friday at 5PM ET we’ll pull a name and that person will win something from us. We have six prizes total from donors within the fandom and each prize is related to one of Richard Armitage’s characters. Kicking us off is John Thornton from North & South. This…

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Veterans Day 2014

Jimi Hendrix, 101st Airborne

Twenty-Five Years

Everybody’s Got A Little Light…But It’s Brighter On WordPress

Obscura and I are up to something again. 🙂

SpReAd The Love

So Obscura and I have been chatting again and you all know what that means: another SpReAd The Love challenge. Before we get to that, though, we have a couple of things we wanted to talk about. First, as you can see, we have a new space. It wasn’t impossible for us to coordinate posts on two different blogging platforms but it’s definitely easier with my move to WordPress a couple of months ago.

Second, we still have $150US from our Anonymous Co-Conspirator to be matched from the IntoThe Stormchallenge. A $50 donation was made to Doctors Without Borders and we’re part of the way to the $50 donation to the International Red Cross. We’d love for our Co-Conspirator to write that check sometime soon, and then another check for $100 to one of the charities supported by  Richard Armitage via JustGiving, but to get there we…

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NaNoWriMo Angel On My Hoodie

Okay, so I was going to sit out #NaNoWriMo2014 but then yesterday The Muses had other ideas and dumped something into my head that I couldn’t shake. So this morning I sat down and wrote about six pages longhand (trying to get to that 1,667 daily word count). Then I ran a couple of errands and stopped at my favorite consignment store because they were having a sale. I poked around in the racks and found a couple of things I liked, including a black hoodie with pink and tan screen printing. I wasn’t totally sold on it and put it back twice before I finally just grabbed it and went to the register. As I was hanging it up when I got home I noticed what the printing actually says.

Can you get a sign from a hoodie?

Can you get a sign from a hoodie?

If that looks familiar at all, it’s because it’s from “She Walks In Beauty” by Lord Byron, one of my favorite poems and one of my favorite poets. I don’t actually believe in signs but if I did? I’d be all over this one. If you’re doing NaNoWriMo this year and you need a moment of calm, here’s one. From Paul Mealor’s 2010 album A Tender Light, Byron’s words, arranged by Mealor, beautifully sung by the Tenebrae Choir.