Where I’ve Been

*Taps microphone and clears throat. Taps mic again and is overwhelmed by feedback.*

Uh…can you tell I’m stalling here? Because I’m totally stalling.

So, like…hey. It’s been a few…more than a few…months since I’ve done this so bear with me. I’ve wanted to post and sat down to write several times but could never bring myself to hit the publish button. It’s definitely not you guys, it’s me.

I was diagnosed with depression in November and got some great meds and I feel much better, The End.

Okay, not the end exactly. Eventually I might write about The Darkness That Ate My Brain but first I need to figure out how. The blog might not be as sunny a place as it normally is for a bit but there’ll be warm spots. Stick around, the clouds will be gone eventually, sooner if I figure out where I left my sense of humor. Can I borrow yours? Tell me a joke in the comments (yes, really, remember who you’re talking to here).