#CelebRAte Love: Armitage World Fandom Love 2017

I have always said that my favorite part of this fandom has been other fans, followed very closely by fan creativity. You all knock me out pretty regularly with whatever it is that you do, be it blogging or vidding, writing fic or tweeting snark. One of my favorite forms of fan art is, as far as I know, unique to Armitage World: the Richard Armitage Portable Shrine, each one lovingly handcrafted by our own Guylty. A couple of summers ago I was lucky enough to score a RAPS of my very own and as I was thinking about what to blog for this event it occurred to me that I’ve never shown any of you my prize. Ready?

I don’t remember when she put this up exactly but the theme of Hippie Flower Child Thorin Oakenshield was irresistible to me. I HAD to try for this one. I mean, really.

He’s perfect from his disco ball (for emergency parties) to his word magnets (for emergency poetries). The matching daisies just slay me, too, though hopefully the one on his sword is for love instead of war. 

Thorin wasn’t alone in the package Guylty sent me, either. She also enclosed a framed and matted copy of my very favorite photo of The Dude, taken by Guylty herself at the Berlin premiere of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. 

There were a few other little things she added, too, but by far the one that means the most to me was the sweet note. Guylty’s creativity is warm because she is. She’s one of my favorite fans and I’m thrilled she’s still organizing events. Thanks for hosting us all, G, and for spReAding the love. ūüôā


My Funny Unexpected Valentine

It’s gearing up to Valentine’s Day and that means a lot of different things, including swoony poetry read by a swoony dude.¬†For my son this year it meant finding cards featuring a monster who is both funny and creepy but saving the truly creepy ones for his closest friends because, c’mon, if you can’t creep your friends out then what good are they (the cards, not the friends)? We looked for just the right cards a few times but none of the zombies or lenticular morphing dinosaurs was quite right. Last night it was down to the wire because his class Valentine party is today and he was sweating getting Avengers cards again. He’s grown up since last year’s fascination with superheroes, after all. Saving the¬†planet is¬†soooo second grade.

So last night we made one last trip to the store and he found The Ones. These ones.

Forgive my fingers and the glare

Forgive my fingers and the glare

Have I mentioned he’s also a fan of all things Hobbit? He’s particularly fond of this dude and all of these went to his closest classmates and his neighborhood BFF.

My son's hero.

My son’s hero.

I noticed that other particular ones went to particular people. His grandfather, for example is getting the Gandalf one while his oldest sister is getting the Bilbo one because she loves poor little Bilbo Hobbit dude.

Poor little Bilbo Hobbit dude, Thorin, and Old Fart Gandalf

Poor little Bilbo Hobbit dude, Thorin, and Old Fart Gandalf

Mommy, I’m sorry to report, did NOT get a Thorin Oakenshield Valentine. Those all went to girls in his class. I’ve apparently trained my son well.


And More Fandom Collaboration Awesomeness: The Thorin Project Speculative Playlist

The fabulous kelbel and the equally fabulous Guylty are conspiring¬†collaborating on a project that you can find out all about here.¬†¬†Have I mentioned how much I love these moments when the fandom works together to create amazing coolness? Total sucker for it. Let’s kick them off in rocking style, shall we? If you’re new, I occasionally do¬†bullshit¬†speculative playlists for Mr. A’s characters and this time, again,¬†it’s Thorin.

Thorin’s gonna be bonkers in the next movie, right? The question is exactly how bonkers he’s going to be. Like, will he be barking at the moon?

Just how destructive is his paranoia going to be? And have I mentioned how much I love the Kinks?

Is he going to be a full-on basket case? I have nothing else to say here because this song just rocks.

So, what do you think was on the Dude’s playlist? Comments are open. Be sure to check out that link up there, it’s truly awesome, and have a great Monday!