RAPS for Charity UPDATES – And Still Time to Participate

Holy cow, fandom…go check out the last few hours of the RAPS for Charity auction at Guylty’s!

Guylty Pleasure

As we are heading into the last few hours of the RAPS for Charity auctions in aid of Nepal Earthquake relief, I have already gained a number of valuable insights:

First of all – the tally so far. The bidding is currently standing at a pleasurable 80 US$ for Pirate!Guy, a hot 100 US$ for the Red Dragon and a more than fitting 240 US$ for the Custom-Made RAPS. Thank you to *all* bidders so far!!!

Secondly, you continue to astonish me with the level of support, generosity and good-will you display. Your efforts in spreading the word have been fantastic and we are already at a point in the auction where my expectations have been exceeded many times. A lot of you have shown great sportsmanship and good-will and sent in donations despite conceding defeat in the bidding. A massive thank you to all of the…

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And it’s sold for $4350 USD

Holy cow, dude.

Me + Richard Armitage

Bids worth $1200 in the last minute of bidding.

The winning bid The winning bid

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Auction Announcement: “RAPS for Charity” Coming Soon

Guylty Pleasure

With the situation in Nepal still dire, especially as a second earthquake has devastated the country last week, I would like to raise a donation for the victims of the catastrophe. The RA community has proven many a time that it is populated by a generous and compassionate bunch of people. I know that I do not need to appeal to you to do some good. For many of you it is a matter of course to donate money where it is urgently needed, and I believe the power of a thought, a prayer or of spreading the word is just as worthy. However, if you have a coin to spare, you could try bidding on three RA pocket shrines which I am throwing into an auction, the proceeds of which are to go to charity.

On auction will be:

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Hellooo??? Anyone in there????

SpReAd The Love

Oh HI!!!  Yes, we’re definitely still here, but spring sprang all over Jazzbaby and I….

dusting off gif

I’ve just been dusting things off a bit to get ready to give SpReAd the Love a little jumpstart, since lots of things have been happening on the kindness front.  A little further housekeeping is in order though, before we get to some new things…

book donationThe Children’s Book Challenge exceeded the fifty books to max out our anonymous donor’s matching cash donation pledge.  The funds were donated to Richard Armitage’s Just Giving page for Young Minds all the way back in March.  It is such a great experience to hear so many people talk about books that touched them and their desire to share that with a child.  Maybe I should build a “virtual library” page here with links to all our SpReAd the Love Children’s Book Challenge titles…future projects  🙂

Now, back to current…

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