TC+1 – Please Answer My Poll

Guylty Pleasure

Day 1 of the new era. After checking last night’s SD outfit and replying to all blog comments I was at a serious loose end.

Yeah, when I am posting sweet nothings on Twitter it is really serious…

To distract myself from the heartache (…), I started researching button badge makers. And then I started designing buttons. Because we really need some discreet way of recognising each other in the future. Really, all this clandestine walking past each other while being sure that we have spotted a fellow sufferer of Armitagitis… Silly. I mean, *I* have a brilliant bag with Robert Hermitage’s face plastered all over it, so *you* might spot me. But how can *I* spot you? Save the silly beard idea (really, Richard, that’s a no-go. I don’t even like a beard on you, never mind…

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